A Different Kind of Fitness Challenge

freestyle-fitness-reno-find-your-balance-30-day-challengeFitness challenges come in all shapes and sizes. From the length to the commitment level to to structure, the challenge component is one thing. And then there’s what you, the participant, brings to the table. Motivation comes in many forms, and your reason for signing up for a fitness challenge is highly personal. But with Find Your Balance, a 30-day health and wellness challenge at Freestyle Fitness, we’re leveling the playing field.

Here’s what makes Find Your Balance a different kind of fitness challenge – and why you probably shouldn’t miss this one.

the point of it all

While your personal goals are one thing, the raison d’être for Find Your Balance is simple. Actually, it’s right there in the name. During these thirty days, the goal is to help you find your balance when it comes to work, life and fitness.

We want to help you create a routine, something sustainable that suits your life, your schedule, and your personality. Because when the challenge wraps, your fitness shouldn’t. And that’s the problem with most fitness challenges. That built-in end date can really mess with your head. It’s way too easy to fixate on that date, push the pedal to the metal, and ultimately burn out on the experience.

Find Your Balance is changing that.

learning what you like

Maybe those high-intensity interval classes are your jam. Maybe a structured heavy bag class is the perfect outlet. Maybe you like the balance of yoga, HIIT and meditation – all in one class (it’s called SoulFlex, it’s our newest class, and it’s incredible). Maybe you like classic boot camp classes, or maybe you like to change it up every single day.

Finding what you like is a learning process, and we’ve structured Find Your Balance so that you can spend the entire thirty days discovering what works for you. And hey, if you manage to fit four classes into your schedule every week, you’ll earn a free month of classes when the challenge ends (or go into a drawing for a sweet gift certificate if you’re a current member).

finding what works

If three classes a week is what you need to stay sane, that’s useful information. Maybe you’re a five-mornings-a-week kind of person, up and at ’em and checking off fitness by 7 am. Give yourself space and time to find what really works for you, what suits your lifestyle and your personality. With Find Your Balance, we’re blocking out thirty days for you to do just that.

And along the way, we’re throwing in some perks. When you join Find Your Balance, you’re getting thirty days of unlimited classes, but that’s not all.

  • Nutrition guidance, including a clean-eating orientation from our favorite nutritionist, Gina Gilbert-Green
  • A weekly email with recipes and shout-outs
  • A locked challenger page on Facebook for you social media types, with fitness tidbits, recipes and more
  • A like-minded community working toward a similar goal, and support and encouragement from all your trainers
  • A special event – our tried-and-true Cardio Jam is a ninety-minute cardio kickboxing and resistance sweat sesh with a rotating series of instructors. Mark your calendar for November 15 at 6:30 pm!

Thirty days to Find Your Balance, and you can join us for $99. Members pay just $25. Spots are going quickly, so sign up now.

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