For years, Freestyle Fitness offered the most intense and well-known kickboxing class in the area. And now it’s back. Inspired by Freestyle’s martial arts side, kickboxing combines elements of Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai and American Boxing to create the perfect 45-minute burn. But this isn’t your average steady-state cardio class.

Get your blood pumping with challenging combinations of punching, striking and kicking set to fast-paced, high-energy music. We’ll get your heart rate cranking before hitting the deck for a focused core segment and much-needed cool down.

What to expect

After a quick warm up, your instructor will lead you through intense, fast-paced combinations of kicks and strikes. This is a non-contact class that’s easy on the joints and set to the beat, so beware – it’s unbelievably addicting. Get ready for creative combos, purposeful movement, high-energy instructors and a welcoming group experience unlike any other.


  • A power boost for your day
  • Improved anaerobic threshold to increase athletic performance, promote weight loss and lower health risks
  • Improved strength and stability
  • Improved coordination and focus
  • Low-impact, joint-friendly workout that’s as good for your heart and lungs as it is for your muscles

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