Cardio Kickboxing & Resistance Classes for FREE (For Real)

These days, it’s rare to get something for nothing. But when you have a good thing – and you know it’s a good thing – letting people try it with no contract, no commitment, no money down is a no-brainer. That’s why we offer a free week – seven whole days – of unlimited fitness classes at Freestyle Martial Arts. You sign a waiver and then you have your choice of any classes on the schedule for an entire week. Work out three times a day if you like – and say hi to some of the diehards who do the same (looking at you, Lynette!). Choose from:

fighter_physiqueKardio Kombat – a sixty-minute butt-whooping cardio kickboxing class that pushes your heart rate to the max. Serious stuff, this one.

Total Body – a sixty-minute resistance-based class that incorporates medicine balls, resistance bands, punching bags, intervals and more. You walk out of here on wobbly knees.

Fighter Physique – a thirty-minute MMA-style class consisting of five five-minute rounds. Interval training at its absolute finest.

Check out the schedule (we have early morning, mid morning, lunch and evening classes all week long, with two morning classes on Saturdays), pick your poison and get in there. Trying all of our classes and varying the class times you choose will give you a great idea of our program and our trainers. It’s a good fit for so many people, and we think it will be a good fit for you too. Freestyle Fitness members are as varied as our classes – all ages, all athletic abilities, all levels of fitness. We pride ourselves on fostering a sense of community and the most positive sense of competitiveness. And we can’t wait for you to feel it. Visit us today and ask about starting your free week. And if you’re wondering what to expect from your first class, check out our kickboxing 101 post. We’ll see you soon!

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