What are Macros and Why Should I Care?

We’re gearing up for our next 30-day fitness challenge, Summer Blitz, and interest is piquing about the nutrition component. We’ll be calculating target macros for each challenger in addition to offering a meal guide, so folks can customize nutrition to their specific needs and goals. So what are macros, and why should you care? what […]

Nutrition in a Pinch, Right After Your Freestyle Fitness Class

Picture this. You’re sweaty and drained, putting away your gloves and downing some water after kicking booty in Throwdown or Total Body or Fighters. You know you have a window to get some protein to those muscles but, bad news, you didn’t get to the grocery store over the weekend and your cupboards would make […]

How to Develop Consistency in Your Workouts

The devil is in the details, isn’t it? You schedule your workouts, you buy your groceries, you plan, you prep. But then, well, then you have to actually do it all, day in and day out. That’s called consistency, baby, and it’s no joke. The truth is, even with the best intentions, we often fail to […]

Sweat Here, Fuel Up There – Reno’s Best Fitness & Food

With four different classes offered 25 times every week, Freestyle Fitness will work you out. But we all know nutrition is king, and unfortunately, you can’t get a healthy meal from the front desk after your cardio kickboxing or heavy bag class. If you’re organized, you packed a jar with a scoop of quality protein […]