Freestyle Fitness Member Profile – Meet One of Our Faves

Drum roll, please! We’re launching a new member profile feature to celebrate our awesome members, and we’re starting it off with one of our faves. Meet Vicki Schultz, a Freestyle Fitness member since 2003. everyone say hey to vicki! Vicki joined Freestyle back in August of 2003, when she signed up for the second-ever Freestyle […]

Success Stories at Freestyle Fitness (We Love These!)

Fitness means different things to different people. And that’s how it should be. Running a faster mile, fitting into “those jeans,” kicking the wheat habit, whatever, there is something admirable in all of these goals and the steps we take to reach them. For our girl Pearl and her fitness journey, admirable totally applies, but inspiring is […]

Here’s Why People Love Freestyle Fitness

While we’re happy to tell you why Freestyle Fitness is such a great place to train – the community, the awesome instructors, the classes, the schedule, our amazing members – sometimes you have to step back and let someone else talk for a while. Meet Brandi, a challenger-turned-member who says that joining the Freestyle family has […]

The Freestyle Fitness Challenge – A Challenger POV

We wrote about one of our awesome members, Teri-Ann, more than a year ago to share her perspective on our fitness challenges. Because while it’s always nice to hear what we think about our challenges – ahem, that they’re flexible and effective and suitable for just about anything and totally awesome – well, sometimes you need a […]