Hey Mama! Freestyle Fitness Has a Deal For You!

Hey mama, we have something just for you! To show our appreciation for all your hard work, all mothers joining Freestyle Fitness during the entire month of May will enjoy a special ongoing monthly membership price of just $69. Here’s how it works. hey mom, you’re awesome All mothers joining Freestyle Fitness in May with […]

How Effective is a 30-Day Fitness Challenge, For Real?

Google “30 day fitness challenge,” and you’ll find over a million hits promoting and villainizing them. And those sites that are promising you’ll “GET YOUR BEST BEACH BODY” and “DROP TWENTY POUNDS” in 30 days deserve to be villainized, for a whole bunch of reasons. So here’s the thing – Freestyle Fitness in Reno hosts […]

Mark Your Calendars – It’s a Cardio Jam at Freestyle Fitness!

When the fitness side of Freestyle Martial Arts Academy began, it was built on one class – cardio kickboxing. While the fitness program eventually evolved to the point that cardio was removed from the schedule, we still love us some kickboxing. And that’s why we’re pumped for November 15, which is the date of our […]

A Different Kind of Fitness Challenge

Fitness challenges come in all shapes and sizes. From the length to the commitment level to to structure, the challenge component is one thing. And then there’s what you, the participant, brings to the table. Motivation comes in many forms, and your reason for signing up for a fitness challenge is highly personal. But with […]

Brine that Turkey – A Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp

Even as the weather stays unseasonably warm, time keeps rolling by. And if you can believe it, in just over a week, we’ll be breathing in that enticing aroma of roasted turkey and stuffing and passing the pumpkin pie. But first things first. Before we sit down to enjoy that turkey, we have to brine the […]