Find Your Balance, a 30-Day Health & Wellness at Freestyle Fitness

freestyle-fitness-find-your-balance-fitness-challengeWe’re less than a week away from the kick-off to the last fitness challenge of 2017 – and this one is different. Find Your Balance is a 30-day health and wellness challenge intended as thirty days to help you find your balance. Here’s what makes it something worth your time.

No pressure

Instead of dangling a carrot – a free month of classes – intended to help you keep the pedal to the metal (hitting at least six classes every week), we’re taking the pressure off.

Strive for sixteen classes during these thirty days – that’s four per week – and you’ll earn that free month of. But better yet, you’ll find out what’s realistic for your schedule and your lifestyle. Maybe three times a week is all you can manage right now. Maybe you need an early morning sweat sesh five days a week to kick-start your work day. It’s different for everyone, and during these thirty days, you’ll find what works for you.

What else is different? No weigh-in, no measurements, no fitness assessment at orientation. Instead, we’re welcoming you to the challenge, collection contact information, and moving right into a shortened version of our newest class, SoulFlex. That’s because the focus of Find Your Balance is different this time around. The goal is sustainability – not an insane thirty days that you just can’t keep up.

freestyle-fitness-reno-find-your-balance-30-day-challengea different focus

It’s not weight loss and it’s not tracking macros. The focus is on finding what works for you, from the time and frequency of classes, to the style of workout you enjoy. During this health and wellness challenge, you’ll have thirty days to experiment and see what fits. Thirty days to find your balance in exercise, nutrition and, you know, life.

To that end, we’re offering self-care homework that’s entirely optional. On the locked challenger Facebook page and in our weekly emails, look for things like journaling prompts, guidance on heart-opening meditations and an EFT (emotional freedom techniques or “tapping”) series, recommended readings and videos on positive psychology, mindfulness exercises and general group discussion.

Take and leave what suits you, what resonates with you. Above all, Find Your Balance is an exercise in experimentation. And maybe you’ll surprise yourself with what you take to heart.

join now

The challenge begins November 4 at 10 am. Non-members pay $99 for the full thirty day challenge and all included elements. Members can join for $25.

Sign up now, and come to orientation ready to move. We’re starting as we mean to go on, with mindful movement and thoughtful critiquing of what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Learn more about this challenge in our recent posts, The Value in Finding Your Balance and Find Your Balance, and then, join us.

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