The Value of Finding Your Balance In Fitness (And Life)


Finding balance in anything is daunting. We strive for balance in our work-home life, in our relationships, and yes, in our approach to health and fitness. It’s all too easy to fall for extremes – working out obsessively this week, and foregoing any kind of activity the next. But this yo-yo approach is rough, mentally and physically, which is why it’s important to understand the value in finding your balance in fitness. Here’s why – and how to start.

understanding what you hope to gain – and recognizing what you actually gain

Evaluating these two ideas – what you hope to gain from committing to consistent exercise and what you actually gain – can be a revelation. Is your motivating purely aesthetic? That’s understandable, but it’s just as likely to be problematic.

When your sole motivation for grinding it out five, six, even seven days a week, is to fit into size X jeans and keep that body fat percentage as low as possible, it’s easy to lose any positive associations you may have with exercise. Where’s the reward? You may feel satisfaction when you slip into those jeans, but more likely, you’ll feel anxiety that they won’t fit unless you maintain your rigid program.

When your motivation for fitness, on the other hand, is to see improvement in strength or endurance, the rewards are different. More push ups this week than last are a sign that you’re getting stronger, and that’s something to be proud of. This kind of approach to fitness means goals and outcomes are congruent – you’re challenging yourself because it feels good, fostering opportunities for setting new goals, and finding enjoyment in the entire process.

stacked-stonesfinding your balance

Finding a balance in your own life when it comes to fitness and nutrition is a personal journey. Maybe you do best when you can work out five mornings a week. Maybe three lunch time workouts keeps you humming. Maybe those Friday night “cheat” meals are all you need to follow your nutrition goals during the week. The trick is really in finding what works for you.

And that’s why we’ve created Find Your Balance. It’s a 30-day health and wellness challenge designed to help you find the right balance of movement and eating habits, something that you can sustain long past these four weeks. The inherent trouble with 30-day challenges – with any fitness challenge – is in their firm end date. Fitness has no conclusion – there is no destination. It’s an ongoing experience, and the sooner we understand that, the better off we are.

Use these 30 days to find a balance in your life, a time and place for fitness and self-care. It’s not selfish to make time for yourself, and there’s no better way to honor your body than with nutrition and movement.

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This health and wellness challenge begins at 10 am on November 4 with an orientation outlining everything you need to know. Our nutritionist, Gina Gilbert-Green, will be discussing clean eating, and we’ll share a meal guide intended only as a starting point. We’ll share recipes and tips throughout the challenge, every day on our locked Facebook page and weekly in a challenger email. We’ll ask you to shoot for attending four classes each week of the challenge, but the frequency and choice of class is yours to make.

The goal is to spend 30 days in a trial-and-error frame of mind, discovering what works for you. Be honest and introspective, listening to your body, paying attention to its cues. The challenge may end, but our hope is that you’ll find an approach to health and fitness – a balance to exercise and nutrition – that you can sustain for much longer.

Join us now for just $99. Current Freestyle Fitness members pay just $25.


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