The Freestyle Fitness Difference – A Member’s Story

freestyle-fitness-memberThis is a very special guest post from a returning member of Freestyle Fitness. So happy to have you back, Steph!

“I cannot tell you how many times I have looked in the mirror and was filled with dark, negative thoughts. The kind of bad body image that so many women have to struggle with on a daily basis. It can steal away your sense of pride, any feelings of accomplishment or worth, and the self confidence needed to be truly happy with who you are. It may sound superficial – but I believe it is very real and destructive for thousands and thousands of people. I have attempted going to the gym for a year or two, which helped. However, I was still left feeling like I could be doing better. I also tried “winging it”… make myself go for walks after work. Tug on that resistance band in the living room. In the end, it just wasn’t the push I needed to turn my health, both physically and mentally, around. I knew the only way to make a huge leap forward in repairing the big bad body image I had was to become strong. Fit. Alive.

Knowing the torment I put myself through constantly, my very close friend (and Freestyle star I might add!) Jill Koontz convinced me to attend a cardio kickboxing class with her at Freestyle Fitness. They were having a special where members could bring family and friends for free to try the workouts they had to offer. Of course, I was terrified. Although deep down, I had a feeling that this may be what I have needed all along. Structure. Fierceness. SWEAT. My first attendance at Freestyle Fitness was nothing short of a miracle. Not only did I think I was going to drop dead on those padded floors, that my lungs were literally going to stop taking in breath, that my eyes couldn’t possibly handle another drop of sweat – but I also felt an ENORMOUS sense of accomplishment. My body and muscles were pushed to their absolute limit and I had never – ironically enough – felt so alive! It was at that very moment, after the “deep breath to the left…deep breath to the right…deep breath down the middle” 60 minutes later, that I knew this was the place to be. Freestyle was going to be my game changer.

As someone who works so very hard every single day to find their worth behind all the negative self talk, I can tell you that this place should be one to call your second home. Freestyle has a way of working every single part of you, but making it a blast to do, and afterwards leaving you feeling confident and strong. It’s simply too hard to fight against the constant support and acknowledgment from the instructors and fellow class mates. You are a part of a fitness community who wants to see you succeed just as much as they want to for themselves. How often can you say your instructor is simultaneously your cheerleader while working just as hard as you are? I have never been a part of anything else like it in my life. You can bet on it – I was bragging about Freestyle until the cows came home! And why not? They would do it for me.

Recently I had some unfortunate circumstances that forced me into the tough decision of leaving Freestyle. It was downright awful, because they got me to a point that I could see a happier and healthier me every single day. It also didn’t take very long for them to pull together and do whatever it would take to get me back there. Freestyle saw my dedication and matched it. They didn’t want me to fail and I simply cannot feel as amazing without them. So now I am back! After four long months of never seeing Jessica or Michon pumping out moves that my brain wanted to reject (“How are they doing that? So fast??? Can I even…?”), I am thrilled to take the steps to once again call Freestyle Fitness my second home. No one should deny themselves the opportunity to be the best they possibly can. To accept their bodies with love (and trust me, being in shape is really an important piece to that puzzle!). To be proud of what they are able to accomplish every single day. I am smiling just thinking about the amazing things ahead of me because I am in the Freestyle fellowship. It’s absolutely worth every single beast-mode minute. I will probably never be able to thank them enough.”

It’s not just working out – it’s where you’re working out. Are you ready to be part of the Freestyle Fitness team? We can’t wait to help you on your fitness journey, and we invite you to kick things off with a free week.

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  1. This makes me feel so proud. The “Freestyle Fellowship,” I have been a part of it’s rewards for over 8 years and to be a part of a team who creates this for others is truly what my life is about. So happy to read this.

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