Find Your Balance, A 30-Day Health & Wellness Challenge at Freestyle Fitness

freestyle-fitness-reno-find-your-balance-30-day-challengeFreestyle Fitness in Reno has been running fitness challenges for close to two decades now. We’ve had challenges that ran twelve weeks, some that lasted eight weeks, and most recently, our down-and-dirty 30-day challenges.

We’ve given our challengers nutrition guides, strict meal guides to follow, even target macros. We’ve offered incentives for hitting class minimums, and we’ve focused on intensity and commitment and hard work.

Now, with our last fitness challenge of 2017, we’re taking a completely different approach. This time, we’re going to help you Find Your Balance.

find your balance, a 30-day health & wellness challenge

It’s one thing to commit to 30 days of rigid eating and workouts six days a week. But what happens after that? For so many of us, the hardest part of maintaining health and fitness is in the maintenance part itself.

There has to be a balance, and that balance is different for everyone. With Find Your Balance, we’re focusing on sustainable habits, the kind that you’ll create during these 30 days – and maintain afterward.

Instead of tracking every last calorie, we’re giving challengers a sample meal guide that promotes clean eating (while still allowing for the occasional indulgence.

Instead of asking you to hit six classes a week for a total of 24 to earn a free month, we’re asking challengers to make it to class four days a week, for a total of 16.

No food journals. No macro-tracking apps. We’re making things easier – not harder. During these 30 days, we’re giving you the opportunity to find what works for you.

what’s included?

  • Our 30-day challenge includes 30 days of unlimited fitness classes, including our newest offering – SoulFlex
  • Incentives to attend four classes each week – realistic and sustainable approach to working out
  • A meal guide and suggested recipes to help you re-think your approach to nutrition
  • A comprehensive orientation to answer all of your questions, plus an inspiring discussion about clean eating presented by nutritionist extraordinaire, Gina Gilbert-Green
  • Weekly emails to keep you motivated and a locked Facebook page to keep you connected and inspired

To celebrate this balanced approached to health and wellness, we’re offering Find Your Balance at a reduced rate. Sign up now for just $99, and take this opportunity to find your balance. Current Freestyle Fitness members pay just $25.

The challenge begins Saturday, November 4 at 10 am. Reserve your spot now.

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