SoulFlex Debuts at Freestyle Fitness in Reno

freestyle-fitness-reno-soul-flex-group-fitness-classThis one is a game-changer. SoulFlex, our newest class offering at Freestyle Fitness, debuts Tuesday, September 12, at 9:30 am – and we’re willing to bet it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The class fuses high-intensity interval training with yoga and guided meditation, all perfectly paired inside sixty minutes. Intrigued? We don’t blame you.

soulflex – behind the concept

Back in March, Jo Weatherford collaborated with a few close friends for a SoulFlex workshop, and now she’s thrilled to be presenting it in a weekly class format. “I wanted to create a class I’d love to take,” she explains, “and I haven’t been able able to find something like this anywhere!”

Interesting. Tell us more!

“Blending the benefits of high-intensity interval training with yoga and meditation really provides an experience that benefits the mind, body and soul,” says Jo. “Usually, we need to choose between a hard workout or a relaxing yoga session. Both are important, but with limited time we are forced to choose one or the other. What I love about SoulFlex is it allows us to spend the much-needed time relaxing the mind and body while also burning calories and getting our workout in.”

Sounds pretty awesome, right? But really, it gets better.

“SoulFlex is perfect for all ages and athletic abilities,” Jo says. “With two instructors, we can give students more individual attention than in a normal group fitness class. Every pose is guided with clear explanations and examples, and the five-minute guided meditation is perfect for those intimidated by the thought of sitting still for long periods of time or unsure what meditation is all about. Really, it’s nothing fancy, just a time to reflect while observing our thoughts in a nonjudgmental way and then letting them go. The conditioning portion is specifically designed to be challenging for those with experience and a great introduction for beginners. All exercises are modifiable and we offer technique intro classes for those wanting a little more instruction.”

So, in a nutshell, SoulFlex is a workout designed to expand the mind, challenge the body and flex the soul – the perfect fusion of high-intensity interval training and yoga. We’re starting small with just a Tuesday morning offering, but we’re optimistic about this one. Bring an open mind and join us this Tuesday at 9:30 am for our debut class. Not a member? Not a problem. Remember, your first class at Freestyle Fitness is always free!

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