Brine that Turkey – A Thanksgiving Day Boot Camp

social-media-postEven as the weather stays unseasonably warm, time keeps rolling by. And if you can believe it, in just over a week, we’ll be breathing in that enticing aroma of roasted turkey and stuffing and passing the pumpkin pie. But first things first. Before we sit down to enjoy that turkey, we have to brine the turkey, you follow? Join us for our annual Thanksgiving Day boot camp at Freestyle Fitness, and let’s get sweaty.

This year, our Brine the Turkey Boot Camp will run from 7 to 8:30 am, and you’ll be getting a triple taste of Freestyle with a three-room circuit. You’ll get a slice each of cardio kickboxingThrowdownand Total Body in ninety minutes – what!? – and then off you go.

Another annual tradition is the Freestyle Black Friday sale. Make a point of stopping in early on Friday and you’ll get first dibs on all the goodies – gear up with new MMA or boxing gloves and bands, update your wardrobe with new academy sweatshirts, and see what else we have on offer. And bonus – we’re also selling a VERY LIMITED number of gift cards for our next fitness challenge (January 7!) for a 50% savings.

So, to recap:

  • What: Brine the Turkey Boot Camp
  • When: Thanksgiving Day! Thursday, November 24 from 7 to 8:30 am
  • Where: Freestyle Fitness
  • Who: Brittany! Judith! Maybe Jessica I and II! Plus all your favorite Freestylers (and all the friends and families you can drag along for the fun)

This boot camp is free to the community, so be thankful that you’re able to work out – and get your turkey in to brine at our Thanksgiving Day boot camp!

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