Personal Trainer or Group Fitness in Reno? We Got You.

freestyle-fitness-group-fitness-classes-renoWe’re rolling into the third week of January, and you know what that means – some eighty percent of everyone who made New Year’s Resolutions are about to officially give up and admit defeat. We’re going to go out on a limb and wager that a biiiiiig percentage of those failed resolutions relate to more workouts. If you’re getting a little panicky because we’re halfway through the first month of this shiny new year and you only have two workouts under your belt, the allure of a personal trainer may be strong. But here’s a convincing argument for group fitness classes instead.

  • Group fitness tends to be easier on the wallet.

You pay a premium for a personal trainer, and there are benefits to that, no doubt. But if the bottom line factors into your decision, you’ll get more bang for your buck joining a facility that has lots of options – an assortment of classes, a great schedule and a different intensities to suit your mood.

  • Group fitness classes have this psychology thing happening.

It’s human nature to gravitate to groups – even the introverts among us aren’t necessarily isolationists. And when you find the right group fitness classes, you find a great community filled with like-minded folks. Even if you don’t become BFFs with everyone in class, there’s often a camaraderie, or, at the very least, the tendency to commiserate about the shared experience.

freestyle-fitness-kickboxing-renoAnd then there’s the friendly competition. In a group setting, we’re all working hard to keep up. You’ll invariably have  the leaders of the pack, but there are usually folks right on their tail. When someone sets the bar, everyone else does their best to match or beat it. It isn’t necessarily a performance thing either, but a matter of effort. And in the right setting, that can be incredibly motivating.

It also sets up accountability, because it’s hard to just go through the motions in a group setting. Even if you dragged yourself to class, you can’t help but be swept along by the energy of the group.

So the right group fitness classes add up to camaraderie, motivation and accountability. Those are things you get with a personal trainer, no question, but don’t forget bullet point bullet number one up there – the price tag.

The hard part becomes finding the best group fitness classes for you. At Freestyle Fitness here in Reno, we try to make that simple by offering a free first class and an open invitation to come check out our facility and sit in on as many classes as you’d like. We’ll tell you all about our range of classes, give you a schedule, and answer any and all questions.

Save money, sacrifice nothing in the way of workout quality, and benefit more than you might have known with the best group fitness classes in Reno. When you look at it like that, it couldn’t be any simpler.

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