Four Reasons Smaller is Better When it Comes to Group Fitness

We’ve written before about the benefits of group fitness, but does class size really matter? Well, yeah.. Just maybe not in the way you think. Bigger classes may mean lots of energy, but we have four reasons that smaller is better when it comes to group fitness. Let’s cut to the chase.

1. Smaller class size means less opportunity for injury.

When you’re in a group of thirty or more, the instructor is going to be shouting general tips and reminders. You’ll hear stuff like, “Keep your core tight to protect that back!” and “Watch those knees, keep them behind those toes!” But when you’re in a setting of 15 to 20, an instructor has the breathing room and time to offer technique adjustments specific to you.

2. Smaller class size means more modifications.

With smaller classes, it’s easier to not only offer modifications, but to demonstrate them. Whether you’re working through injuries or other limitations, modifications can make or break your success.

3. Smaller class size means more camaraderie.

It’s easier to start learning names, recognizing faces and building friendships when you’re in a more intimate setting. And before you know it, you have all these new Facebook friends to tag after a great workout together, you’re signing up for team events, and you’re showing up early to chat before class. The small-group experience is powerful.

4. Smaller class size means more accountability – and more commitment.

When you’re training in a small group, you can get to know your trainers and fellow members much better. And when you can’t get to class, your absence is felt. When someone believes in you, the typical response is a desire to rise to meet those expectations. And that can help you stick to something in a meaningful way.

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