Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – The Other Jessica

jessica-torres-freestyle-fitness-instructor-renoMeet Jessica Torres, one of our new fitness instructors – and one of those people it’s just good to know. With two kids heavily involved in martial arts at Freestyle, she’s been part of the family for years. And when it came time for her to find a new gym, Freestyle was just a natural fit. The truth is, we’re the ones who got the best part of that arrangement. This girl is a keeper, if you know what we mean.

“After taking fitness classes at Freestyle for over two years, I had a few people mention to me that I should start teaching,” Jessica shares. “After a few months of pondering this idea, an instructor opening came up and I told the crew I’d love to join them. They welcomed me with open arms.”

Jessica came to us during a transitonal time with our staff, and we’re super grateful that she jumped in wholeheartedly. She’s a natural in front of the class, and we know everyone will leave her classes with a serious workout under their belts.

“My goals change based on the class,” she says, “When I teach Total Body Bootcamp, my goal is to make people sore in one spot or another – you know that sore, the one that you can feel for days after your workout. For Fighter’s and Throwdown, I want people to be sweaty and out of breath, but in a good way. I like to make my classes challenging but not impossible while still focusing on good technique and form to avoid injury.”

jessica-torres-freestyle-fitness-renoIn addition to her fitness prowess, Jessica has been training in the Freestyle martial arts program for a little over two years. She’ll be joining Jo and Chris in the 2017 black belt test – pretty impressive stuff. You’ll also find Jessica rolling all over the mats in her grappling gi, working on that blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

All of that training, plus her new role on the fitness instructor side, means Jessica spends about as much time at Freestyle as she does at home. But we get the feeling that’s okay with her.

“I’m grateful for everything that Freestyle and the people there have brought to my life,” Jessica says. “I hope that other people feel the same when they train there.”

We feel the same, no question. And we’re glad we plucked her from the crowd – this girl is a natural fitness leader. She even sent back the little Q&A for this post with a bit of fitness advice she thought might be helpful to our members.

“Don’t forget to drink lots of water, stretch after working out and rest days are important!”

You heard her.

Welcome to the team, Jess!

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