New! check out tbx – the 30-minute total body express class on mondays at 12:15. It’s the same great workout in half the time.

With its lethal mix of compound training, interval training, strength training and cardiovascular exercises, Total Body Boot Camp is in a class by itself. Instructors incorporate all kinds of equipment and high-impact exercises to jack up your heart rate and scorch calories.

Whether you’re a beginner or in elite shape, challenge yourself with this unorthodox, full-throttle workout – and leave feeling sweaty, drained and amazing.

What to expect

Expect the unexpected in Total Body Boot Camp! This high-energy interval training class draws from all types of athletic sports and fitness techniques, incorporating exercises like extreme push-ups, base jumps, crash pad drills, resistance sprints and more. With instructors creating workouts designed to challenge your strength, stamina, anaerobic threshold and sanity, this is the class you curse when you’re doing it and praise when it’s over. Welcome to your new addiction.


  • Solid body with sculpted muscles and reduced body fat
  • Improved anaerobic threshold to increase athletic performance, promote weight loss and lower health risks
  • Core strength and stamina
  • Huge calorie burn
  • Full body engagement

Just getting started?

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Total Body Boot Camp