A 30-Day Fitness Challenge for the People

freestyle-fitness-blitz-30-day-fitness-challenge-renoThe fitness people, that is. Yep Freestyle Fitness members, we’re talking to you. Here’s why you need to sign up for Blitz, our second 30-day fitness challenge – you know, the one that starts this Saturday, June 9 at 10 am.

  • Accountability – It’s Your Friend

Even the most dedicated among us benefits from good ol’ accountability. When people expect you to show up, you tend to show up, you know? When you sign up for a fitness challenge, and you stand with other challengers in front of your Freestyle instructors, you’re expressing your intent of meeting this goal. And what’s the deal with goals? To accomplish them. Let’s be honest – it’s summer time. It’s hot. You’d rather be at the lake, by the pool, probably anywhere besides working up a sweat. This is the season of slacking, of letting scheduls slide. So give yourself a bit of outside motivation to get your fitness in – it’s important for your body and your mind, you know that.

accountableSo join Blitz, make a public declaration that you’re going to crush this 30-day challenge in the form of attending classes on the regular and diligently following the nutrition plan, and then get ‘er done. That’s accountability, and it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Some Friendly Competition

There’s the motivation that comes from being accountable, and then there’s the motivation that comes from a bit of friendly competition. Members joining Blitz won’t earn a free month of fitness classes for hitting 24 classes, like non-members will. Instead, we’re offering a grand prize to the top two members with the highest fitness class attendance. Ooh, let the competition begin!

  • It’s What the Cool Kids Dohigh-fives

Hahaha, just kidding. No peer pressure at Freestyle. Ever. However, we will say that a lot of our members are already signed up. Join the fun, get the brand new meal plan created by yours truly, Gina Gilbert-Green, re-ignite your excitement for working out, and let’s do this together.

Blitz starts this Saturday – orientation is at 10 am. If you’re heading out of town for a few days during the challenge, that’s no reason not to join. We’ve worked out a way to tack on some time at the end so you get your full 30 days to hit your class attendance goal. Members pay $50 – nonmembers, you’ll get it all for $150. Find a friend to join with you, and we’ll see you Saturday!

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