The Value of Finding Your Balance In Fitness (And Life)

Finding balance in anything is daunting. We strive for balance in our work-home life, in our relationships, and yes, in our approach to health and fitness. It’s all too easy to fall for extremes – working out obsessively this week, and foregoing any kind of activity the next. But this yo-yo approach is rough, mentally […]

Find Your Balance, A 30-Day Health & Wellness Challenge at Freestyle Fitness

Freestyle Fitness in Reno has been running fitness challenges for close to two decades now. We’ve had challenges that ran twelve weeks, some that lasted eight weeks, and most recently, our down-and-dirty 30-day challenges. We’ve given our challengers nutrition guides, strict meal guides to follow, even target macros. We’ve offered incentives for hitting class minimums, […]

30 Days to the Holidaze – Our Next 30-Day Fitness Challenge!

If you’ve looked ahead on the ol’ calendar, you know that we’re rolling right into October at the end of this week. That’s the start of the holidays in our eyes, and the holiday season is when even the most well-laid nutrition and fitness plans implode. But not this year! We’re kicking off 30 Days […]

Blitz, A 30-Day Fitness Challenge Right Here in Reno

How can you earn a free month of fitness classes right here in Reno at Freestyle Fitness? We’re so glad you asked! Blitz, a 30-day fitness challenge, kicks off Saturday, July 9. Sign up, hit at least 24 classes during the 30-day challenge, and you’ll get a free month of unlimited fitness when the challenge […]