We’re Bringing Cardio Kickboxing Back to Freestyle Fitness

This is the class that started it all, and we’re pumped to announce here and now that cardio kickboxing – the class you know and love – is back, baby! We can already tell, 2018 is going to be a great year.


meet shadowbox

It’s a snazzy new name, but you traditionalists can rest easy – this is our tried-and-true cardio kickboxing class. If you have any nostalgia for that high intensity, balls-to-the-wall, ninety-miles-an-hour pace of Freestyle’s cardio kickboxing, well, this will be like Christmas all over again. The class will be back on the schedule officially beginning in February, with favorites like Judith on the mic. We’re starting with an early am and an evening class, and we’re anxious to add more classes to the schedule.

the thing about kickboxing

We’ve told you before, cardio kickboxing classes are not all created equal. These days, gyms all over town have some version of the class. So what makes classes at Freestyle the ones worth all that time and effort (not to mention that beet red face and your sweaty scalp)?

Anyone can throw together some kicks and punches and call it cardio kickboxing. But a class worthy of the title takes some work. We’re talking class structure, proper cueing, smooth transitions, effective counting, seamless combos, energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.

The truth is, building a really, really great class has to hit all of these elements. Here at Freestyle, cardio kickboxing is a stylized group of upper and lower body movements set to fast-paced music. It’s zero impact – we’re shadow boxing, effectively – and a killer workout for your heart and lungs. It’s also a critical and refreshing break from all the high impact work we do on the bags over in Throwdown and Total Body and Fighter Physique.

Stay tuned for more updates, including the official class page and our finalized schedule. But you can go ahead and get excited now. Spread the word – cardio kickboxing is back, baby!

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