Here’s the Thing about Cardio Kickboxing

cardio-kickboxing-renoOnce upon a time – somewhere longer than a decade ago, but less than two – Freestyle Fitness offered just one class. It was cardio kickboxing, and it was incredible. You couldn’t find a class like it anywhere in town, and people came from faraway lands like Sparks just to sweat like hell for sixty minutes. Now, as our fitness program has evolved and as “cardio kickboxing” can be found at every gym in town, here’s what you should know.

Not all cardio kickboxing classes are created equal.

Sure, anyone can build a sixty-minute class with some punches and kicks and call it cardio kickboxing. But what sets one class apart from another? So. Many. Things. Let’s review.

  • Proper class structure
  • Proper cues and smooth transitions
  • Effective counting
  • Thoughtful combos
  • Energy, enthusiasm and inspiration

Building a really, really great class – the kind of cardio kickboxing that not only burns upwards of 500 calories in a class, but makes you feel like a certified badass at the same time – is a combination of all of these things.

And yes, these are choreographed classes, but this isn’t your mama’s jazzercise class, you dig? Cardio kickboxing at Freestyle Fitness is a stylized set of upper and lower body striking set to fast-paced music. It’s low impact and a killer workout for your heart and lungs. It’s also a nice – and necessary – break from all the high impact stuff you’ll do on the bags in our (super awesome) heavy bag class, and you don’t have to worry about things like aching knees or shin splints or a sore backside – any of the side effects from other forms of cardio, like road running or spinning.

Oh, and there’s this little thing called intensity. Some cardio kickboxing classes have it, and some do not. And Freestyle Fitness made its name with our kickboxing classes. It’s serious stuff. The kind that gives you a real sense of validation when you can finally make it through an entire class.

With all the focus on resistance training, it’s easy to overlook the value of a good ol’ sweat sesh in a class like cardio kickboxing. But it’s one of the best times you can have in a high-intensity cardio workout, and we invite you to see for yourself. Our cardio kickboxing classes are for the early birds – six am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Come, sweat, and leave feeling sweaty and exhilarated. If cardio kickboxing was something you did years ago, or it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, this is the place to do it. It always has been, and we want to prove it.

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