3 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Summer Blitz

summer-blitz-30-day-challenge-freestyle-fitness-reno-1Time is running out! The deadline to register for the Summer Blitz, our 30-day fitness challenge, is July 1. If you haven’t signed up yet, here are three reasons you can’t miss the Summer Blitz.

Targeted Macros for Personalized Nutrition

Nutrition is everything, people, and tracking your macros is the hands-down best way to learn all about what you’re really eating. When you know what you’re eating, you can make appropriate changes. And when you’re firing on all cylinders diet-wise, things really start happening.

During the Summer Blitz, we’re calculating target macros for each challenger and teaching you exactly how to track them. We’ll have a nutritionist on hand to troubleshoot and help you out, plus a meal guide you can tailor to suit your individual macros. Understanding what you’re really eating – and learning how to make better decisions – is something that will pay off tenfold.

unlimited fitness classes for 30 days (and a shot at a free month!)

Our 30-day fitness challenges are a chance to re-prioritize fitness. And we want to reward you for setting a goal and then working your butt off to meet it. Hit 24 classes in 30 days, and you’ll earn a free month of unlimited classes when the challenge is over. Go, you!

goal setting is a good thing

Setting a goal is awesome, but meeting that goal is even better. Our 30-day fitness challenges are long enough to accomplish something, but not so long that you burn yourself out. For four weeks, commit to tracking your macros and getting to class. Commit to eating for nutrition and for fuel. Commit to drinking your water and consistently breaking a sweat. Commit to this goal, and then follow through. It’s incredibly rewarding, and you deserve the satisfaction of a job well done. Plus, it’s habit forming!

quick, sign up now

Head right over here to sign up. All challengers MUST be paid and registered by July 1, so time is running out. The challenge begins Saturday, July 8 at 9:30 am. Our nutrition seminar is the following Saturday, July 15, at 9:30 am. Challengers can expect a fitness assessment at orientation and on day 30, a weekly email with recipes and shout-outs, access to our locked Facebook page, unlimited access to our nutritionist, target macros with a meal guide, plus instructor support and encouragement the whole way. Get it all for $175, or join with a friend to save $25 off registration. Members pay just $50. Call the front desk at 746-3888 to sign up and pay – and do it now!


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