The Best Place for Resistance Training in Reno

We dropped cardio kickboxing recently, and some people were understandably bummed. It’s an unfortunate mix of scheduling at this time, but in the interest of being positive, let’s look at the silver lining. It’s giving us an opportunity to focus on resistance training. And as much fun as cardio kickboxing is, effective resistance training is a smarter, more efficient method of fitness every time. Here’s the thing about resistance training, and why Freestyle is one of the best places for it in Reno.

resistance-training-freestyle-fitness-renoWhile you don’t need to train with resistance to lose weight, it’s the best way to change your shape. Traditionally, lifting weights is the go-to method of resistance training, but anything that offers resistance will work – even your own body weight.

The benefits of resistance training aren’t limited to aesthetics. In no particular order and backed up by countless studies (seriously, search it), strength training has been linked to:

  • A longer lifespan. The greater your muscle mass, the lower your risk of premature death.
  • Better sleep. Those who work out hard tend to report more restful sleep.
  • Stronger bones. Resistance training increases bone density, which reduces the chance of fractures and breaks.
  • Increased happiness. It’s been linked to reduced anxiety and improved self-esteem.
  • A faster mile or more chin-ups or improvement in your personal fitness goal. Strength training builds stronger muscles everywhere, which is a benefit pretty much always.
  • Fewer injuries. Strength training can lessen the likelihood of injuries in other athletic pursuits by correcting muscle imbalance that may negatively impact your form.
  • Lowered blood pressure. ‘Nuff said.

At Freestyle, we use medicine balls, ground bags and resistance bands to work those muscle groups. You’ll get serious resistance training in three of our four classes.

  • Total Body, a 60-minute class that targets major and supporting muscle groups (not to mention the old cardiovascular system) with traditional weightlifting exercises like squats, lunges, rows and presses. We’ve also launched TBX, a 30-minute version of the class that focuses also exclusively on muscle burnout.
  • Fighter Physique, a 30-minute class, is the definition of interval training. MMA-inspired exercises, movements and combinations work your muscles while firing up your heart and lungs. It’s the ol’ work-rest or HIIT formula – going all out for a period of time and then resting briefly before you’re at it again.
  • Throwdown, a 45-minute class, is a heavy bag class with resistance rounds. You’ll work your heart while you’re working the bag, and then you’ll focus on upper and lower muscle groups.

At Freestyle, you’ll get resistance training that’s effective, efficient and fun. Don’t wander around the gym. Just come try your first class at Freestyle – it’s free, and we think you’ll be pretty impressed.

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