Fitness Should Be Something you Enjoy – Really

freestyle-fitness-reno-group-fitnessThere are so many – so many – gyms, studios and general opportunities for fitness here in Reno and northern Nevada. And while so much variety can be awesome, it can also be a little overwhelming. But consider this – the best way to find and stick to a fitness plan is just by finding something you really enjoy. Makes sense, right? Here are three reasons you may just find that at Freestyle Fitness in Reno.

  • Classes seven days a week

Night shift, day shift, swing shift, mommy shift, whatever/however you work, we know that scheduling classes can be challenging. So we offer our classes at varied times. From early and mid-morning classes, to lunchtime quickies, evening workouts and weekend morning classes, we’ve got the bases pretty well covered.

  • That whole group fitness thing

We write about this topic a lot, because group fitness can sometimes get a bad rap. If your workouts are always of the headphones-in-no-eye-contact variety, you’re missing out. Seriously! The benefits of really great group fitness classes – ahem – are many. Camaraderie, friendly competition, accountability – the list goes on and on.

  • Challenging, but in a good way

We started this post by saying the best way to stick to a workout plan is by doing something you enjoy. And call us crazy, but we’re standing by that idea. Sure, in the moment – mid-burpee, maybe, with 45 seconds still to go – you may be hating life, but the feeling you get afterward should make it allllll worth it. That’s what we’re going for in every class, every time. Pushing your body, improving little by little, to create a healthy body and a heathy lifestyle.

The best way to know if you’ll enjoy fitness at Freestyle? Come try a class! First class is always free, and we love new people. So pick a class, maybe bring a friend for a little support and let’s do this.


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