Reno Group Fitness – The Benefits of Sweating with a Crowd

When you hit the gym, you’ve got your earbuds in before you even walk in the door. You’re just there to do your thing and get out. Sound familiar? If you’ve never worked out in a group setting, you don’t know what you’re missing. Here are three reasons to give group fitness a shot.

1. You’ll work harder.

It’s true. You know why? Group fitness breeds a friendly sense of competition. If you’re taking cardio kickboxing, you’ll find that you push yourself to not only keep up with the instructor but also with the classmate to your left. When you’re working out solo, you may shoot for ten reps and give up at eight. But in a group setting, you’re more likely to push yourself harder than you would if you were alone. But understand, we’re not talking about any kind of intimidation scenario. No one is making you feel bad – they’re lifting you up and encourage you to do more than you know you can. Pretty cool, right?

2. You’ll be more consistent.

There’s a little thing called accountability when you start working out with a crowd. People beginning to notice when you miss class, and they might call you out about it. Consistency is key when it comes to reaching fitness goals, and having a group of people who are expecting you to be somewhere can be a real asset.

3freestyle-fitness-kickboxing-reno. You’ll make some connections.

When you’re working out with a crowd, you’ll sweat and maybe cry and work super hard. But you’ll do all those things with a bunch of people who are doing the same thing. There’s strength in numbers – it’s a bonding experience to work really, really hard with people. Even when you don’t have identical fitness goals in the long-term, you’re sharing immediate goals – namely, to get through class without dying.

We hear time and time again of diehard gym rats who surprise themselves by loving the group fitness experience. It’s worth a shot, and we want you to give it a go at Freestyle Fitness. Check out all three of our classes at no cost – just show up, sign a waiver and jump into class.

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