Group Fitness Classes Not Your Thing? This Could Be Why

freestyle-fitness-reno-group-fitness-classes-1Full disclosure – we love group fitness classes. It’s our thing here at Freestyle Fitness, and we love converting  the earphones-in, no-eye-contact, head-down, weights-only gym goers into loud, proud group fitness fanatics. If you think group fitness classes aren’t your thing, this could be why. Information is power, and maybe reading this will give you a little perspective.

  • Everyone starts as a beginner

There’s an intimidation factor the very first time you step into a group fitness class. So remember – every single person in that room has been in your shoes. We all remember what it was like to be hopelessly off beat or to need a water break every five minutes. And we also remember the pride we felt when our fitness progressed and we started keeping up. You will too.

  • No one is looking at you

Sure, the veterans in that class may notice you’re new, but once things start, they’re focusing on themselves. No one has time to watch the new person in the back trying to keep up, and even if they do, read point one again.

  • It’s supposed to be hard

As soon as you challenge your body in a new way, it hurts. It doesn’t matter if you can crush ten miles no problem, or spin for an hour without breaking a sweat. Doing something new, changing things up – it’s the definition of cross-training and it’s fitness gold. So when you hurt all over and feel like you’re dying, that’s a good thing. Everyone feels a version of that, no matter how fit they are.

  • lets-do-thisEverything can be modified

Now, for the disclaimer to the “it’s supposed to be hard” point above. We aren’t trying to kill you. We aren’t trying to injure you. Everything – literally, everything – can be modified to challenge you just enough. You can’t do push ups? Drop to your knees. Still can’t complete a single rep? Let’s take it to the wall. Wherever you are in your fitness journey, we can work with it. Don’t be afraid of group fitness classes because you’re worried you can’t keep up. Because here’s the secret – you don’t have to keep up with anyone. It’s a group setting, which can be fun and motivating, but you’re only competing with yourself. There’s no need to work at a level far beyond your ability. Trust us – keep coming to class, and you’ll get there.

  • The worst part is the unknown.

If your stomach is in knots because you just don’t know what to expect, that’s normal. You’re wondering what it will be like, if you can keep up, if it’s too hard, if the instructor will yell at you, where your stuff goes, what the music’s like, whatever. And if you can’t get past all these variables, no worries. Come sit in on a class. Watch the dynamic. And then get yourself through the door next time as a participant. Come early to sign waivers or gym paperwork. Introduce yourself to the instructor and ask for directions since it’s your first class. Find a spot in the middle toward the back – it’s a prime spot to keep on eye on the instructor and other class participants.

  • If you don’t like it, give it one more try

Classes change from one time slot to the next. The energy level, the class participants, the instructor, the music, and all of those things can take a class from just okay to really, really great. You may find that simply knowing what to expect makes things better.

Now. Check the schedule, find a class that works, and come on down. First class is on us.

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