Member Spotlight – Meet Will

We write pretty regularly about the amazing community here at Freestyle Fitness, and today, we’re sharing the story of one of the folks who makes up that community. If you come to evening classes, you already know Will Mannella. For our early birds and lunchtime crew, you’re in for a treat. This guy is pretty awesome.

will-manella-freestyle-fitness-ambassadorHey, Will!

We launched a low-key ambassador program at Freestyle Fitness some years ago, and Will is our newest member. Why? Well, we’ve been watching him since he joined his first fitness challenge back in the summer of 2016. He may or may not have been dragged along by a significant other at the time, but hey, whatever works.

In that time, we’ve been seriously impressed by Will’s consistency, his hard work, and his inspiring attitude. He’s just a fun guy to teach and to train alongside.

One of his greatest accomplishments in life – his nine plus years of sobriety – is a testament to the kind of person he is. So what does his sobriety really mean to him, and how has fitness helped?

“Being able to share my experience and help others,” says Will. “To rebuild my life from the inside out. Freestyle has helped me mentally and also start the journey physically back to my true healthy self.”

And he’s got some advice for people just starting out at Freestyle – or wanting to try out, but feeling a little intimidated by trying something new. “Just show up,” Will says, simply enough. “Make time. And just keep moving. Instructors do a great job of offering modifications to exercises and also showing proper form. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be young or in great shape to take the classes.”

So Will, tell us, what’s your favorite class?

“Throwdown! It’s a combination of boxing and core-type workouts. I can get in a good workout and mix of exercises in only 45 minutes.”

Take it from a guy whose favorite motivational quote is right on point – keep moving forward.

Will, thanks for being you.

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