Michon’s Move of the Week, Homestyle

You know those days you just can’t get to the gym? Maybe the babysitter canceled, maybe you’re stuck on a project at work, or you’re having car trouble, or whatever. The gym just ain’t happening. That’s when you do this, Michon’s move of the week – homestyle. It’a a full-body movement that will rock those shoulders and upper body with a big-time emphasis on the core. Keep your entire abdominal wall strong and tight during these movements, and bomb straight up on the hop. Got it? Good.

  • 10 reps of side-to-side burpees. Instead of jumping straight back when you plant those hands, alternate jumping out to the right and left.
  • 20 reps of plank punches. Squeeze those fists and put some heat on it. Remember to engage your entire core and focus on staying as level as possible, eliminating too much side-to-side rocking.

Three sets, no rest in between. Ready, set, go!


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