A structured kickboxing class on the heavy bag, Throwdown is an intense mix of striking and kicking on a tried-and-true piece of equipment. Get a killer anaerobic workout from all those punches and kicks with an effective aerobic element in eight three-minute rounds. The heavy bag has shaped champions, and Throwdown is tapping it for a workout that will shape you too.

What to expect

A dynamic warm-up, technique spotlight, eight three-minute rounds with two focus mitt rounds, and a cool down – welcome to Throwdown. Build powerful strikes as you burn fat in these fast, intense workouts. Book your bag ahead of class, bring your gloves and get ready to throw it down.


  • A defined, muscular physique
  • Improved aerobic fitness, coordination & stamina
  • Improved reaction time
  • Increased core stability
  • Decreased stress and improved athletic performance

Just getting started?

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