Reno’s Freestyle Fitness, Reviewed

freestyle-fitness-reno-group-fitnessIf you’re like most people, you do a little investigating when you hear about a new restaurant, store, or gym. Hey, we get it – we check out online reviews too. And to help you out, we’re sharing some of the most recent reviews about Freestyle Fitness here in Reno. We collected these from the usual places – Facebook and Yelp. Here’s what people are saying about Freestyle.

real people, real (unsolicited!) reviews

“I started doing kickboxing 19 years ago and Freestyle. Since then their classes have evolved into martial-art based work-outs, which I feel are the best total body workouts I have ever done. They have a good mix of classes, workout times, and you can be at any level of fitness to attend these classes.

I have had many injuries during the years and the instructors are so helpful and informed at giving modifications, so I can actually still heal, while working out and I’m able to keep the intensity level high. I feel great at the end of every work-out, which is extremely gratifying. If your new to this concept of work outs, they offer “Boot-Camps,” which I believe is the best in Reno. I have done several of these and they help keep me on track (or to get me back on track). The focal point brings together body, mind, and nutrition based knowledge to benefit all aspects of health, both physical and mental. This is a great place to try and very affordable.”

Staci T.

“I’ve been coming to Freestyle for 10+ years and the classes along with the outstanding instructors have changed my life. I love coming to class and being challenged, supported, and encouraged not just by the instructors but the community Freestyle has built. Going to kickboxing here has increased my strength, my stamina, my speed but most importantly my confidence. Freestyle forever!”

Jill K.

“I’ve had been going to Freestyle off and on since 1998 when Tres was in a building off MaeAnn… fast forward to 2009, I did a fitness challenge and have been hooked ever since. It is my favorite workout. It works me hard and keeps me in great physical shape. Life does get in the way now and then, but when I go back it is as if I have never missed a beat. Judith is my absolute fave instructor, but all of the Freestyle instructors rock!! There’s a reason I’ve been working out here for 20 years now! Xoxoxo”

Kelli V.

“WOW! I absolutely love this place! Had my first class today & they were so welcoming! I felt comfortable even though I was nervous to try something new! The instructors were so encouraging, motivating & creative in that 60 minutes! So worth it!”

Ashely L.

“Freestyle is soooo much fun! I have done a few challenges, both a 30 day and a 60 day, and I loved it! SOLD! Now I’m a member, and I still love the classes. The workouts are different than anything else I’ve ever done, but more effective than what I’ve ever been able to do in a gym by myself. Everyone is so helpful, including the members, and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the workout. Plus, if you have a lot of stress, taking it out on a punching bag doubles for therapy and a workout  If you’re on the fence, give it a try! I guarantee you will love it, too!

Sara R.

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