Small Group Fitness Classes are the Best Group Fitness Classes

freestyle-fitness-reno-best-group-fitnessWe write about the benefits of group fitness regularly, but how does class size play into the equation? Does bigger mean better? We don’t think so. When it comes to group fitness here in Reno or anywhere, we have four reasons that small group fitness classes are the best group fitness classes.

1. more attention

In big fitness classes of 30 or 40 people, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes, that’s intentional, and we get it. But if you’re there to break a sweat, burn some calories, tone some muscle, it’s in your own best interest to be doing everything right. Right? In that big class, you’ll hear general reminders about keeping your core tight on this exercise, or adjusting your foot position to protect your knees on that exercise, but there are general tips and reminders. In a smaller class, your instructor has the space and the time to keep an eye on everyone and offer specific feedback so that you can get the most out of your workout.

2. more options

Smaller classes tend to mean more options for fitness, especially at a gym like Freestyle Fitness. Equipment isn’t endless anywhere, and a class size that’s neither too big nor too small means everyone has what they need for the workout the instructor has in mind. Plus, a smaller group means your instructor has more opportunity to offer and demonstrate modifications, should you need them. For those of us working through limitations like injuries, pregnancy, or inexperience, modifications can be critical to your continued success.

3. more camaraderie

A more intimate setting breeds familiarity, making it easier to start meeting people. The small group fitness experience can be incredibly powerful. At its best, it creates a community that’s both supportive and motivating. Here at Freestyle Fitness in Reno, we’re kind of known for our amazing member community, and we think it has a lot to do with class sizes that are just right.

4. More accountability & commitment

Training with a smaller group makes it a lot easier to get to know your trainers and fellow members. Your presence becomes known, and expected. And the cool thing about accountability is the way in which it breeds consistency. That’s important when you’re working on improving health and fitness.

Ready to give this group fitness thing a whirl? Freestyle Fitness is offering a summer pass for unlimited access to classes with no contract and no commitment. Get yours now.

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