Yoga Finds a Permanent Spot at Freestyle Fitness!

freestyle-fitness-reno-yogaOmmm yeah, we’re about to get our yoga on at Freestyle! But this isn’t a one-time thing like the yoga classes we’ve hosted in the past. Nope, we’ve got a new instructor, a new time slot, and a new addition to the fitness schedule. Let’s get to it!

Meet Britnei Wade, a yoga practitioner for the last six years. She loves the physical benefits of yoga, for sure, but she finds the mental health benefits to be truly awesome. Britnei wants to share the benefits, techniques, practices, peace and awareness that she finds through yoga with her students, and now, she’s bringing alllll that to Freestyle.


Britnei describes her class as a basic vinyasa flow, meaning that movements are made at a steady, breath-linked pace to energize the body and build stamina.
The physical aspect of yoga absolutely benefits martial art practitioners – and hey, that includes you too, fitness folks – because we’re constantly throwing high powerful kicks, forceful punches, strikes, choke holds and joint locks, creating a high demand for stretching, strengthening, opening, releasing, and relaxing.

Bbrittany-wade-freestyle-fitnessritnei will create specific sequences with exercises and stretches that will complement the martial arts training and martial arts-inspired workouts our members do. She explains: “As we move through the asana, we will be using breath-synchronized movements used to transition between standing and seated postures. As we move through out the yoga asana, every movement is linked with an inhale or an exhale. We all have different abilities and strength, so I encourage all of my students to go at a pace that feels good for them and honor their personal body by not pushing past their limits and taking their time to progress in their practice at a natural and comfortable pace. Modifications will be offered for the beginner student and for the more experienced student as well. Each class will begin with a grounding and centering meditation, leading to a few energizing flows, and will end with a deep floor stretch sequence.”

Seriously. We cannot wait.

Britnei’s classes begin this Sunday at 10 am after Throwdown. We’ll be practicing on our padded floors, so mats are optional.

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