Freestyle Fitness Hosts Ecstatic Dance Reno

Ready for something different? Freestyle Fitness – and our awesome padded floors – is hosting the Ecstatic Dance community here in Reno! And you could say we’re pretty happy about it. Join us July 29 for this out-of-the-box way to express yourself through movement – think of it as the yin to your Freestyle yang.


These DJed community dance gatherings family-friendly events (and drug and alcohol free). Participants are asked to leave both shoes and conversations at the door. Yep, you read that right – part of what sets ecstatic dance apart is not only its free form, but that it’s a talk free space. This gives participants an opportunity to focus on the music and movement with no distractions.

Ecstatic Dance is a two-hour dance journey that generally has a wave-like emotional/energetic arc. Things begin slowly to give people an opportunity to settle into the space and warm up their bodies, and then the tempo begins building. The dance floor fire will burn hotter throughout the experience, building to a peak before tapering, and leading everyone into the live sound healing portion once dance has concluded. Finally, after the sound healing, there is a closed circle where space is provided for everyone to further connect, with an option for individuals to share information about other important community events and offerings.

Mark your calendars now, and join us for something like nothing you’ve done before. Ecstatic dance is both freeing and exhilarating, and it has to be experienced at least once! RSVP here.

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