The Side Kick – Freestyle Fitness Technique Series

This is the sixth edition of our technique series – we’ve already covered the crossthe jab, the Thai kick, the hook and uppercut and elbows – and now we’re moving back to the lower body. The side kick can be a tricky move to master. It’s not a Thai kick, and it’s not a back kick. Master the movement and learn where to focus all that energy – you’ll be a pro in no time!

Remember, our technique series is designed to break down all the punches and kicks we throw in classes like ThrowdownFighter Physique and, in a modified way, cardio kickboxing.

If you’re new to Freestyle – first classes are always free! – our video series will bring you up to speed on the basics. We’re also happy to meet with you one-on-one, show you some combos and answer your questions before you come to class. Just download our Getting Started guide and we’ll be in touch asap to set something up.

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