Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – Erin Stiehler

There’s something about a person who’s been there, done that when it comes to fitness. You know, someone who was active as a kid and teen, then got slapped in the face with adulthood and the changing metabolism and fitness woes that can come along with it. Someone who dabbled in this and that in […]

Workouts that Really Work – Really.

We all want to be fit and healthy and strong, right? No matter how those individualized goals shake out – whether it’s knocking out fifteen perfect push ups, running a seven-minute mile, fitting into an old pair of 501s – the general theme remains the same. And in theory, how you accomplish those goals is […]

Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – Anson Aninao

Pop quiz: what do you do when a third-degree black belt tells you to step. it. up. and get three more reps? You bang out those reps, sir! One of Freestyle Fitness’ most beloved instructors, Anson Aninao is exactly the kind of guy that brings out the best in everyone. And third-degree or no, it’s […]