Reno’s Best Fitness Challenge Begins THIS Saturday

Freestyle Fitness kicks off its first fitness challenge of the year with Resolve to Evolve ’16, and the fun begins this Saturday, January 23, at 10 am. All the procrastinators are jumping in and our ranks are swelling, as usual, so if you’re thinking of joining, it’s time to reserve your spot before it’s too […]

The Freestyle Fitness Challenge – A Challenger POV

We wrote about one of our awesome members, Teri-Ann, more than a year ago to share her perspective on our fitness challenges. Because while it’s always nice to hear what we think about our challenges – ahem, that they’re flexible and effective and suitable for just about anything and totally awesome – well, sometimes you need a […]

Three Reasons the Time is Right for the Freestyle Fitness Challenge

Ah, January. A time for fresh beginnings and new commitments and, let’s be honest, re-commitments. We’re talking about fitness and nutrition because, show of hands, we’re guessing that many of you have made some kind of resolution to “be healthy,” or “eat better,” or “fit into those jeans,” or something similar. Well, good news! The […]