Guess Who’s Back?!

Kelly Ries was a Freestyle Fitness staple back in the day, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her back on the mic. Read on for an introduction/refresher on this fitness pro. meet kelly So, how did all begin? “My passion for health and fitness, coupled with my teaching background, led me to become […]

Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – Meet Mike

What happens when a third degree black (with 18 years of experience) and a certified progressive calisthenics trainer joins the fitness ranks at Freestyle Fitness in Reno? Good stuff, that’s what happens! Mike Escobar is one in a recent line of martial artists to make the leap to fitness here at Freestyle, and we’re digging […]

Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight: Chris Rios

Enthusiastic, technical and motivating are all traits of a really great fitness instructor, for sure, but what about courteous, punctual and kind? We’ll argue that those characteristics are just as important, and we have walking, talking proof in Chris Rios. With a background in wrestling and boxing – ahem, and captain of the team senior […]