The Fastest, Most Effective Workout in Reno

Efficiency is awesome. Why spend two hours doing something when you can get it done just as well, just as effectively, in half that time – or less? That’s the deal with the twenty-five minute workout at Freestyle Fitness. It’s interval training at its absolute finest, and we’re pretty sure it’s the fastest, most effective workout […]

Workouts that Really Work – Really.

We all want to be fit and healthy and strong, right? No matter how those individualized goals shake out – whether it’s knocking out fifteen perfect push ups, running a seven-minute mile, fitting into an old pair of 501s – the general theme remains the same. And in theory, how you accomplish those goals is […]

Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – Darien Cobon

What do you get when you combine extensive experience and skill in the arts of Muay Thai boxing, Krav Maga self defense, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Tae Kwon Do, all rolled up in a friendly and personable package? That’d be our newest instructor, Darien Cobon. With a laundry list of mixed martial art skills like that, you […]