Reno’s Best Cardo Kickboxing is Back!

Mark your calendars, boys and girls, because this is it! Cardio kickboxing is officially back on the schedule this coming week, and we can’t wait to jab-cross-jab-knee with friends new and old. Join us Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm (February 6) and Wednesday morning at 6 am (February 7), and get ready to get your sweat […]

The Best Kickboxing Class in Reno Gets Even Better

For years – years – Freestyle Fitness has been Reno’s go-to for the best kickboxing classes around. And as things change – new gyms, more options, all that jazz – we’ve adapted our program, with one big exception. Our kickboxing class format stayed the same. It was sixty minutes of intense, steady-state cardio with a […]

Reno’s Best Kickboxing – Cardio, Heavy Bags, You Name It

For years, the hands-down best – and only – cardio kickboxing classes in Reno were found at Freestyle Fitness. These days, cardio kickboxing is on the schedule at gyms all over town, and there are franchises popping up regularly. We’re happy to see that more and more people are learning about the therapeutic rush you get […]