Small group training at Freestyle Fitness pairs you with one of three expert trainers to bring you closer to your fitness goals. Build your physique through progressive calisthenics with Mike, beat fitness plateaus through MMA conditioning with Chris, or enjoy focused attention during small group yoga with Brittany.

Small group training is the perfect complement to our selection of group fitness classes, whether you’re working up to joining the community or you prefer something personalized to you and your goals.

Meet the Instructors

Mike Escobar

As a third degree black belt and a certified trainer in Progressive Calisthenics (PCC), Mike is ready to help clients at all stages in the fitness journey. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve endurance or just hone those kickboxing moves for our group classes, Mike can build a fitness program just for you. He’ll work around your schedule and teach you principles you can build upon and apply anywhere to continue your journey to fitness.

Book a session with Mike now, or call 775-379-7798 to learn more about scheduling, pricing and availability.

Chris Rios

With a combative sport background stretching back to high school, Chris is a natural for our MMA small group program. No time for martial arts? No problem. Work with Chris to learn how to effectively hit pads, hone your striking skills and master basics like breathing and distance, all while benefiting from an intense and effective MMA conditioning workout.

Book a session with Chris now, or call 916-708-3079 to learn more about scheduling, pricing and availability.

britnei-freestyle-fitness-reno-yogaBrittany Wade

If you’re looking for a yoga class with a smaller, more intimate setting, small group yoga may be just for you. It’s a wonderful opportunity for beginners to develop an understanding and familiarity with yoga poses and terminology, and for more experienced yoga practitioners to more deeply develop their practice. Plus, you can schedule these sessions with Brittany at your convenience and enjoy flows she creates specifically to suit your needs and goals.

Book a session with Brittany now, or call 775-741-1167 to learn more about scheduling, pricing and availability.

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