Instructor Spotlight – The One and Only Judith Mansfield

She’s a second-degree black belt. A marathoner, trail runner, high school track, cross country and drill team star. She’s the one on the mic making you laugh even as you silently curse, stealing glances at the clock and praying for a  break. She’s the one with the crazy high kicks and perfect form, the tireless enthusiasm […]

Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – Erin Thran

You know those people who really, truly love fitness? The kind who sincerely prefer a run over a nap? That’s our girl Erin Thran in a nutshell. She gracefully juggles a busy almost-three year old, her day job at Lululemon and her kickboxing instructor role here at Freestyle – and she grins through it all.

Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – Erin Stiehler

There’s something about a person who’s been there, done that when it comes to fitness. You know, someone who was active as a kid and teen, then got slapped in the face with adulthood and the changing metabolism and fitness woes that can come along with it. Someone who dabbled in this and that in […]

Freestyle Fitness Instructor Spotlight – Anson Aninao

Pop quiz: what do you do when a third-degree black belt tells you to step. it. up. and get three more reps? You bang out those reps, sir! One of Freestyle Fitness’ most beloved instructors, Anson Aninao is exactly the kind of guy that brings out the best in everyone. And third-degree or no, it’s […]