Reno Fitness – It’s About More than Calories Burned

Between everyone’s Apple watches and trendy new workouts that completely revolve around target heart rates, it’s become common knowledge to track your calorie burn when you train. But here’s the thing – calorie burn isn’t the end all, be all of a workout. If your goal is reaping health benefits – stuff like muscle gain, […]

Fitness Should Be Something you Enjoy – Really

There are so many – so many – gyms, studios and general opportunities for fitness here in Reno and northern Nevada. And while so much variety can be awesome, it can also be a little overwhelming. But consider this – the best way to find and stick to a fitness plan is just by finding […]

The Best Place for Resistance Training in Reno

We dropped cardio kickboxing recently, and some people were understandably bummed. It’s an unfortunate mix of scheduling at this time, but in the interest of being positive, let’s look at the silver lining. It’s giving us an opportunity to focus on resistance training. And as much fun as cardio kickboxing is, effective resistance training is […]

We’re Sticking With What Works

You know what they say about the best-laid plans. The new cardio class we’ve been hyping recently is off the schedule, effective immediately. The roll-out didn’t go as planned, but that’s the thing about cardio kickboxing. It’s harder than it seems. The good news is that we’re sticking with what works, and that’s good ol’ […]

Three Ways Group Fitness Beats the Gym

We wrote about group fitness versus a personal trainer a few weeks ago (spoiler: group fitness wins handily), and today we’re back to share three ways that group fitness beats the gym. Set classes encourage accountability. On the surface, having a gym membership seems like a smart, versatile option. You can work out when you […]