What are Macros and Why Should I Care?

We’re gearing up for our next 30-day fitness challenge, Summer Blitz, and interest is piquing about the nutrition component. We’ll be calculating target macros for each challenger in addition to offering a meal guide, so folks can customize nutrition to their specific needs and goals. So what are macros, and why should you care? what […]

Target Macros at the Summer Blitz

Freestyle Fitness is no stranger to 30-day fitness challenges, but we’re changing things up to keep it fresh. The Summer Blitz kicks off July 8 (with all challengers paid and registered by July 1), and this time, the nutrition focus is on individual target macros. We’re also bringing a new nutritionist on board to answer […]

Your Last Chance at a Fitness Rebelution is Now

This is it, boys and girls, this is it! Our first 30-day fitness challenge of 2017 starts tomorrow, Saturday, January 7, at 9:30 am. And we can’t wait! If you’re on the fence about joining, stop it right now. Here are three more reasons joining a fitness Rebelution at Freestyle is absolutely a smart move. 1. Because motivation […]

Three Reasons to Jump Start 2017 with a 30-Day Challenge at Freestyle

It’s a shiny new year, and every gym in town is running some kind of promo. But here are three reasons you should strongly consider kicking things off with Rebelution, the 30-day challenge right here at Freestyle Fitness. 1. Killer timing, discounts and incentives. We love the holidays, but we kind of love when they’re […]