Reno’s Best Cardo Kickboxing is Back!

Mark your calendars, boys and girls, because this is it! Cardio kickboxing is officially back on the schedule this coming week, and we can’t wait to jab-cross-jab-knee with friends new and old. Join us Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm (February 6) and Wednesday morning at 6 am (February 7), and get ready to get your sweat […]

Guess Who’s Back?!

Kelly Ries was a Freestyle Fitness staple back in the day, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her back on the mic. Read on for an introduction/refresher on this fitness pro. meet kelly So, how did all begin? “My passion for health and fitness, coupled with my teaching background, led me to become […]

From the Pitch to the Mats – Meet Ally Freitas

We’ve had our eye on Ally Freitas since she started training here at Freestyle Fitness back in 2014. That’s when she was pulled in hook, line and sinker by the variety of classes and workouts. It was a refreshing change of pace from the weights and conditioning this soccer player was used to, and you […]