JoFitness Director & Instructor: Fighter PhysiqueTotal Body BootcampThrowdown

Candidate belt; UNR Prevention Specialist & Instructor

As the program coordinator, Jo is in charge of new fitness challenges and member happiness. She’s pursuing her black belt in martial arts, and she was a natural fit for our Fighter Physique classes. She was a competitive high school athlete who viewed workouts as a means to an end. Her perspective on fitness changed a few years ago, and today she considers it both an opportunity and a blessing.


Program Coordinator & Instructor: ThrowdownFighter Physique, Total Body Bootcamp

Candidate belt; Business owner; Restaurant manager & bartender

After training at Freestyle for years in both fitness and martial arts, Jessica joined the fitness team as an instructor and program coordinator. As a fitness junkie herself, she knows wha it means to work hard and train smart. Her classes range from hard-hitting cardio to slower-paced strength training. When she’s not working, you’ll find Jessica on the mats training jiu jitsu, spending time with her family or napping.


Instructor: Total Body Bootcamp, Fighter PhysiqueThrowdown

Fourth degree black belt, purple belt BJJ; Head Instructor of Beginner Adult Martial Arts & Math Lecturer at UNR/Math Center Director

Danelle has been with Freestyle for well over a decade now. A natural teacher, Danelle began instructing a year after she joined the family and she took over the beginner adults martial arts program after earning her first degree black belt. With her passion for fitness, eye for detail and desire to reach people, Danelle is one of Freestyle’s most knowledgeable and experienced instructors. She’s known for her expertise in form, technique and stretching, and she emphasizes being smart about working out. You cannot attain a fourth degree black belt without working through injuries and hardships, and Danelle uses her personal experiences to help individuals at all levels.


judith-mansfield-freestyle-fitness-renoInstructor: Total Body Bootcamp, Fighter PhysiqueThrowdown

Second degree black belt

Judith began her Freestyle journey on the martial arts side before transiting to fitness. She ran the entire program as the fitness director here at Freestyle before stepping down to focus on her career with the GATE program. After a year of missing her, we’re so happy that she’s back to teach her favorite classes. Judith’s classes are always high energy and fun, the kind of workout that leaves you drained but exhilarated. Outside work and Freestyle, Judith can be found spending time with family and running her pups in the hills.


Marketing & Instructor: Total Body BootcampThrowdown

Freelance Writer & Editor

For over ten years, Jessica has attended or taught cardio kickboxing and resistance classes at Freestyle Martials Arts. After two years of regular class attendance, she transitioned to an instructor position and has returned to teach after four pregnancies. Her classes are high-energy and motivating, structured to train specific muscle groups and improve overall cardiovascular endurance. With a growing family and a sports-oriented background, she is an advocate of balanced living. On a personal note, she enjoys competitive paddleboard racing and finished her first Tough Mudder in 2013.


Instructor: Fighter PhysiqueThrowdown

Candidate belt

We hand-picked Chris from our martial arts program, where he’s actively pursuing his black belt, to join the fitness team. Why? He’s disciplined, focused, energetic and a positive guy, and we knew those characteristics would make him great on the mic. And guess what? We were totally right.


Instructor: Total Body BootcampThrowdown

English Teacher at Galena High School

Michon has been instructing at Freestyle for over 11 years and has earned a reputation for intensity and insane energy. Her classes focus on getting the most out of every student, every time. She embodies hardcore, and her advanced classes set the standard at Freestyle Fitness. While some find Michon downright crazy, you can’t help but admire her passion for working out. Outside of Freestyle, Michon is a running enthusiast. One of her goals every year is to complete a half marathon and beat her previous time, which is no small feat considering she ran her last half in 1 hr 37 minutes! She also enjoys 10ks; the shorter the distance, the faster the pace. Her best time so far? Forty-three minutes! It’s a good thing she has all this energy – with three little boys at home, she’s going to need it!


mike-escobar-freestyle-fitness-renoInstructor: Fighter PhysiqueThrowdown, Total Body Bootcamp

Third degree black belt

Mike has been training martial arts for close to 18 years, and his favorite thing thing to do off the mats involves weight lifting and strength training. But Mike doesn’t just want to make you sweat – his goal is for you to learn something every time you come to class. Our newest instructor is right at home on the fitness side of Freestyle, and it just makes us wonder – what took us so long to recruit him?


britnei-freestyle-fitness-reno-yogaInstructor: Rise Yoga

Yoga instructor; server

As a devoted yogi, Britnei reminds us all to stop and breathe. Her calm and balancing instruction can be credited for the addition of yoga to the fitness schedule, and her classes remain a wonderful complement to our fitness classes.



ally-freitas-freestyle-fitness-renoInstructor:  Throwdown and Total Body Bootcamp

Environmental engineer; soccer coach

As a soccer player herself and longtime coach, Ally is a natural leader in her classes. People love her positive, can-do attitude and enthusiasm, so expect her to push you safely and appropriately. Between playing, coaching, working her day job as an environmental engineer and teaching early morning classes here at Freestyle, Ally is one of those high-functioning multitasking types – and we love it!



Instructor:  Throwdown and Total Body Bootcamp

School district employee

With her background in education and biology, Kelly was a natural fit in the fitness instructor world. She taught kickboxing and boot camp classes here at Freestyle for six years before taking a break, and we’re so excited to have her back. Her focus is challenging members to work hard, push themselves, and feel good about themselves while they’re at it.