Here’s Why People Love Freestyle Fitness

freestyle-fitness-reno-brandi2While we’re happy to tell you why Freestyle Fitness is such a great place to train – the community, the awesome instructors, the classes, the schedule, our amazing members – sometimes you have to step back and let someone else talk for a while. Meet Brandi, a challenger-turned-member who says that joining the Freestyle family has changed the way she looks at working out. Here she is sporting a bloody elbow from kicking a$$ in one of her favorite classes.

First, some background. “I had worked with Freestyle for three years running the Motivate U program,” explains Brandi. “Judith had invited me to participate in the challenge, but I lived out south and made the excuse that it was too far. Last spring I moved closer and thought I would give it a shot.”

Brandi says she had gone to a gym for years and taken “boot camp” style classes. Then she decided to give it a go with the Freestyle fitness challenge in April of 2015, where she says she fell in love with kickboxing.

“I started the challenge at 22.8% body fat – size 2/4 and 133 pounds – and finished the challenge at 15.2% body fat (size 0 and 131 pounds). At the end of the challenge I looked at a picture of myself and I saw muscle definition in my arms! Honestly, I have always been very self-conscious of my arms and for the first time in my life, I saw muscle definition! I know that my story isn’t one of dramatic weight loss or and most people would be happy in a size four – I truly was! I just never expected to see the results I have in less than nine months of training at a kickboxing gym.”

When the challenge ended, Brandi signed on as a member. “I can’t begin to tell you how amazing everyone is there,” she says. “This gym offers a variety of classes that all fitness levels can participate in, from beginner to advanced everyone is sure to leave soaked in sweat and feeling stronger. I am partial to a couple classes, Fighters and Throwdown are my go-tos. I am always up for some healthy competition and to help keep me motivated, I push myself to try and work harder than the strongest person in class. Trust me, no one is looking or counting, that’s just me. The feeling of being surrounded by people to are really giving 110% of themselves to their workout is SO motivating! Every instructor is willing to go out of the way to help and support you in any way possible and is diligent about customizing a workout to meet your fitness level.”

So, what does Brandi have to say to anyone considering a fitness challenge at Freestyle?

“This challenge will change the way you look at working out! I love that the challenge is eight weeks long and a great value,” she says. “There aren’t huge prizes to be won at the end but you are guaranteed to see results if you commit to a healthy diet and working hard in class! The eight weeks hold you accountable to the program, and I believe in the buddy program – grab your friend, partner, parent, son, daughter and watch your fitness goals happen together!”

freestyle-fitness-reno-brandi1And check this out: in 2014, Brandi trained for the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey (pictured left) – she trained for five months before the race with a great trainer, and her mile times during the race were around 10 minutes.

In 2015, while she was training at Freestyle during the fitness challenge (pictured below), she decided the week of the race that she was going to run. Her mile time during the race? Eight and a half minutes, baby. Yeah, we’re going to credit that to all her hard work in our fitness classes, which emphasize strength training, agility, speed and endurance – all without running.freestyle-fitness-reno-brandi

“I have been asked by SO many people this year what I am doing to look this good and be so fit,” she says. “My answer is always… Living a happy life, loving the gym, eating well and splurging when I want. Fitness isn’t about a diet or being in the gym for hours a day, it’s about setting realistic goals and working on the best version of yourself you can be! From body, mind, and nutrition there needs to be a balance, everything in moderation. You aren’t working this hard to be in shape for that vacation – you are working this hard to have the best life you can have!”

We are just so proud. Way to live your best life, Brandi!

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