The Freestyle Fitness Challenge – A Challenger POV

teri-ann-freestyle-fitness-renoWe wrote about one of our awesome members, Teri-Ann, more than a year ago to share her perspective on our fitness challengesBecause while it’s always nice to hear what we think about our challenges – ahem, that they’re flexible and effective and suitable for just about anything and totally awesome – well, sometimes you need a little perspective. And the truth is, Teri-Ann is a walking endorsement for the pow
er of Freestyle. But don’t take it from us – we’ll let Teri-Ann tell you herself.

Here’s the background on how she found Freestyle: “My sweet friend Jessica Timmons invited me to try the challenge as a way to train for a national biathlon competition we held on our home turf range at ASC” in 2014, explains Teri-Ann. “I expected to have fun and get fit with motivation from some awesome instructors and that’s exactly what happened!”

teri-ann-freestyle-fitness-reno-One look at Teri-Ann and you can tell – she’s been athlete since she was two. That’s when she began gymnastics, and the tumbles and flips continued for more than a decade. Then she became a triple threat, tearing up the track, volleyball and basketball courts. But the Great Outdoors called to Teri-Ann too, and so her backpacking and elevation climbs began. She’s been all over the Pacific Northwest for Nordic skiing, long-distance cycling and winter biathlon training.

Those winter biathlons, by the way, involve skiing – sometimes uphill – with a rifle strapped to her back, maxing out her heart rate, then shooting at five targets and repeating the process four times. Cra-zy. How does one get -and stay- in shape for something like that, you ask? Great question. Part of Teri-Ann’s year-round training are Total BodyFighter Physique and Throwdown classes at Freestyle.

“Because of all my training at Freestyle,” she says, “I was able to compete in three biathlon races in a row last summer – on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday – which is no easy task!”

After she completed her challenge in 2014, Teri-Ann signed up as a member, and she’s been a loyal attendee pretty much every week since.

Before beginning our challenge, “I used to teri-ann-freestyle-fitness-reno-1not like to look in the mirrors,” she says, “and now I find myself checking out my muscle tone.” Hey, with guns and quads like that, we don’t blame you!

“I look forward to and crave my endorphin high after every class,” says Teri-Ann. “The challenge kept me motivated and coming back every day for my workouts. I secretly scope out the room – it makes me want to go harder, faster and stronger for my own physical benefits.”

To anyone considering whether or not to join our Better Together challenge, which starts this Saturday at 10 am, Teri-Ann has some advice:

“DO IT! You’ll find a family of friends and encouragement each time you come,” she says. “The instructors throw down amazing talent and enthusiasm, which shows they love what they do. You’ll benefit in every way possible. Stronger muscles, stronger mind, endorphin highs, you’ll sleep better and want to eat better, you’ll make new friends and feel good about yourself. I have to say Freestyle is definitely an addition for me. I look forward to the end of the day when I can work hard, sweat hard and see my Freestyle family.”

Aww, we love you too, Teri-Ann! You make us proud!

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