Reno’s Best Cardo Kickboxing is Back!

freestyle-fitness-reno-cardio-kickboxingMark your calendars, boys and girls, because this is it! Cardio kickboxing is officially back on the schedule this coming week, and we can’t wait to jab-cross-jab-knee with friends new and old.

Join us Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm (February 6) and Wednesday morning at 6 am (February 7), and get ready to get your sweat on. Danelle and Judith will be on the mic, and while we’ve changed up a few things, this is definitely the cardio kickboxing you know and love.

here’s what’s different

The class has a snazzy new name and a snappier format. ShadowBox is 45 minutes long, but all we’ve done is trim the fat – you’ll still get the meat of the workout. Your heart and lungs will be working double-time, just as they did back in the day, with a much more focused warm up and cool down.

here’s what’s the same

The instructors you know and love, the combos you love to hate, the music you’ll instantly remember, the sweat, the exhilaration, the feeling of accomplishment when class is over – none of that has changed. Remember, Freestyle Fitness made its name on cardio kickboxing, and we’re bringing the same intensity, the same tempo and the same energy this time around.

If you’re new to the cardio kickboxing thing, no problem. Read this post to rock your first class (or your first class back in months).

We’re keeping this post short and sweet, but mark your calendars now – February 6 at 6:30 pm, February 7 at 6 am. Kickboxing. Freestyle Fitness. See you there. And bring a friend.

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