From the Pitch to the Mats – Meet Ally Freitas

ally-freitas-freestyle-fitness-renoWe’ve had our eye on Ally Freitas since she started training here at Freestyle Fitness back in 2014. That’s when she was pulled in hook, line and sinker by the variety of classes and workouts. It was a refreshing change of pace from the weights and conditioning this soccer player was used to, and you know what they say about cross training, right? When the time was right, we pounced, and now you can find Ally on the mic in our 6 am classes – and that’s good news for everyone.

A natural coach

As she puts it, Ally “absolutely lives to move.” That’s why her background is positively littered with team sports, but particularly soccer. “I am borderline obsessed with the beautiful game of soccer and tend to find a way to play at least once every day,” she says. And she’s not joking. The Reno Tahoe Liberty FC player also coaches a local club evenings and weekends.

On the mats at Freestyle, that experience and background translate to classes that are energetic, inspiring and intense. And that’s exactly what Ally’s going for. She wants folks in her classes to “expect a high level of energy, intensity, and most importantly a lot of sweat! I love high-cardio strength training and love finding new exercises to constantly mix it up,” she says.

what about a fitness philosophy?

Ally has one of those, too. “I think it’s important to approach fitness as something that will continually sustain you,” she explains. “Yes, it is great to use it to achieve physical milestones and goals, but adopting it into your everyday as a lifestyle versus a quick fix is a better formula for all around well-being, and it honestly makes it more of a treat than a chore.”

Is that brilliant, or what? Easy to see why we’ve watching this girl for years, right?


ally + Freestyle = awesome sauce

The thing about Freestyle is its diversity, and Ally sums it up beautifully. “I love the diversity in terms of different instructor styles, workouts, as well as the gym members,” she shares. “There is no one make, model or description that fits everyone, which often seems to be the case with other specialty gyms. I like the no-nonsense approach of individuals just coming to get a good sweat in. There is no stigma, expectations or judgements. Just people putting in all that they can give.”

She’s bang on, of course. That’s why Freestyle is a great place for this elite soccer player, and why it’s equally suited to people at any fitness level. It’s a place to sweat, to breathe, to work hard, and all for the reward of moving your body safely and effectively.

so set that alarm

Between playing and coaching soccer and, you know, a career as an environmental engineer by day, Ally’s a little on the busy side. She’s teaching and covering 6 am Throwdown and Total Body, so set that alarm and drag yourself in sometime. You’ll be so glad you did.

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