A Balanced End to 2017 with Freestyle Fitness & Find Your Balance

freestyle-fitness-reno-find-your-balance-health-wellness-challengeToday is November 1, and that means the end of 2017 isn’t far off. With the triple jump of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve just ahead, some of us may already feel our stress levels fluttering. And why not? Between more time with family, blowing the budget on your holiday shopping list, endless rounds of parties and food and booze, and the chaos that is holiday travel, it’s not exactly a low-key time of year.

How about a little balance?

balancing body-mind-soul

Balancing the body is as simple as opting for nourishing foods more often than not and working in consistent movement every day. Maybe it’s a walk with your dog. Maybe it’s a heart-pumping boot camp or a body and mind workout at SoulFlex, our newest class.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who needs the structure and motivation inherent to fitness challenges. And we totally get that. It’s why we’ve offered variations on the theme for years. But with our last challenge of 2017, Find Your Balance, we’re taking a totally different approach.

Instead of inadvertently pressuring challengers to go all out for thirty days – at all cost – we’re setting this up as four weeks for you to experiment. See which classes you like, and which ones don’t resonate as much. Discover the perfect balance of workouts in a week – three, four, maybe five? Try approaching food in a new light, and use our food guide for inspiration (instead of a rigid plan you absolutely must follow). Try out some of our optional self-care homework suggestions – you may really surprise yourself.

freestyle-fitness-reno-find-your-balance-30-day-challengeAbove all, use this time to give yourself grace, to breathe, to sweat, to enjoy the amazing things your body is capable of doing right now, exactly as it is. Find Your Balance isn’t about numbers on a scale or a measuring tape. It’s about doing something good for your body and your mind. And that’s something we all need.

The challenge begins this Saturday, November 4, at 10 am. Our orientation includes a workout, so please come dressed appropriately. Reserve your spot in this 30-day health and wellness challenge now. We hope you’ll join us.

Non-members, sign up now for $99. Members pay just $25.

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