Freestyle Fitness Member Profile – Meet One of Our Faves

freestyle-fitness-reno-member-profileDrum roll, please! We’re launching a new member profile feature to celebrate our awesome members, and we’re starting it off with one of our faves. Meet Vicki Schultz, a Freestyle Fitness member since 2003.

everyone say hey to vicki!

Vicki joined Freestyle back in August of 2003, when she signed up for the second-ever Freestyle fitness challenge. “Wow, 14 years – how time flies!” laughs Vicki.

So what was her motivation for joining the challenge?

“I wanted to lose 20 pounds,” she remembers, “that had just sort of crept up over several years.” The change was in anticipation of one of her daughter’s weddings. And how did turn out?

“I was successful!” Vicki says, “and I have been a VIP member ever since. In the beginning, I attended cardio kickboxing classes and then added resistance.”

freestyle-fitness-reno-member-profile-vicki-schulzmember Q&A, blitz-style

Favorite class?

” I like total body the most since there is so much variety that you work all your muscle groups and have fun doing it. And there is always something I have to modify 😊 since I am the grandmother of the class.”

Favorite motivational quote?

“You never know how close to success you are if you quit.”

Anything else you’d like to share with the Freestyle community and, you know, the world?

“My husband and youngest daughter were both taking Tae Kwan Do classes and that’s how I got started with the fitness classes. She is a second degree black belt and he got his first degree, both from West Coast Tae Kwon Do (editor’s note: this was before the transition to the Freestyle you know and love today). Nicole continued in the fitness world while in college teaching Group X classes, which she continued to do through grad school in Boston. She also trained in Muay Thai. While finishing her PhD (goal to graduate in May 2018), she met George Forman III and is now working in his company opening boxing gyms. There are two in Boston and the new gym in Manhattan is opening July 31. Check out”

Sounds awesome! High fives to Vicki for taking time for this. Stay tuned for our next member profile, and until then, we’ll see you on the mats!


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